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Azalea Events House celebrates the extraordinary, just like you. If the traditional path isn't your dream, we're here to bring your vision to life. Imagine a day curated exclusively for you, where every detail whispers your love story.

Why Choose Our Personalized Elopement Services?

  • Creative Freedom: Your elopement, your way. We embrace your unique style, creating a celebration that reflects your love story.

  • Seamless Planning: Leave the details to us. We will meticulously organize every aspect, ensuring a stress-free experience.

  • Bespoke Locations: Whether it's a secluded Spanish beach or a charming Italian cityscape, we'll find the perfect backdrop for your intimate ceremony.

  • Unique Experiences: Elevate your elopement with personalized touches – from exquisite decor to vintage cars, sunset boat rides, we bring your dreams to life.

Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Have Extraordinary?

Let's make your elopement a masterpiece of style, creativity, and love. Because your love story deserves to be celebrated uniquely!


Is your anniversary approaching and you have 0 ideas on how to celebrate one of the most important dates for you and your partner?We’d love to help! Imagine a romantic boat ride at sunset, Lake Como through golden hour, clinking champagne glasses and toasting to many more moments together! 

You’re planning a renewal of vows and you want to make it different this time?
It’s our
honor to add sparkles to your sparkles! Imagine a cliff in Barcelona overseeing the bluest sky and the turquoise Mediterranean…and you celebrating all that has been and all that will follow together!


You are thinking about proposing to your beloved, have the ring and the speech prepared for weeks now, but you have no inspiration as to how should you best surprise your partner?

It will be our pleasure to set you up for success! Imagine a romantic dinner at a French Chateau, a harp playing soothing music and candles everywhere, lighting the love you have for each other.

Our ideas are boundless, and we are here to make beautiful moments happen for you!

With a strong network of trusted vendors, a keen sense of creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional event planning services that will exceed your expectations.

  • Customized Event Concept and Design 

  • Budget Estimation, Guidance and Management 

  • Venue/ Location/ Restaurant/ Boat Suggestions and Exploration

  • Accomodation and Transfers 

  • Vendors Proposal and Selection- research and guidance on catering, flowers, photography, videography, entertainment & music, make-up and hairdressing, entertainment, vintage car, fireworks etc

  • Bridal Beauty Assistance 

  • Stress-Free Day-of the Event Coordination 

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